Data Protocols

Over the past few weeks we have engaged in data talks at my school and several colleagues from other sites have asked me to share effective protocols for data talks. Ever since I began developing my facilitation and coaching skills, protocols have intrigued me. Not only do protocols provide structure and a predictable, transparent routine, but they also can be intentionally designed to support asset-based and equity-rich conversations. In this post I want to share some of what I have learned and, as always, I hope to learn from reader suggestions and feedback.

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Focus Students and Process Observers

In previous posts I have written about the importance of having Process Observers to provide feedback on meeting processes. In addition, I have written about improving one’s practice by observing and listening to ideas from a Focus Student. In this post, I want to consider how using the Process Observer ideas around language, tone-of-voice, and body language can support deeper learning fromĀ  (and in service to) Focus Students.

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