Knowledge Base

This standard, from Bright Morning’s Transformational Coaching Rubric, is defined as:

  • has knowledge of the discipline around which he or she coaches
  • has knowledge of a range of coaching approaches, including directive, facilitative, cognitive, and ontological, and can apply them as needed
  • demonstrates understanding of and applies in analyzing coaching situations:
    • adult learning theory
    • systemic oppression
    • systems thinking
    • inquiry lens
    • emotional intelligence theory
    • change management theory

Posts That Address the Knowledge Base Standard (updated 11/28/20):

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  • Turning Towards Something Better
  • Beliefs and Expectations
  • Equity and Access: The Universal Design for Learning Guidelines
  • High Leverage Coaching and Mentoring Tools
  • When a Book Comes Along at the Perfect Time
  • Conquering the Fear of Putting It Out There
  • Co-conspirators: Three Recommendations
  • Cognitive Routines
  • Learning to Be a Better Learner