About Me

My name is Kathy Collier, and I am currently a Language and Literacy Equity Coach and Elementary Literacy Coordinator in Verona, Wisconsin. In the past I have been a Spanish Teacher, a Classroom Teacher (grades one, three, and four), a Learning Resource Coordinator, and an Elementary Curriculum Coordinator. I am passionate about social justice, Universal Design for Learning, building capacity, Implementation Science, and Adaptive Schools.

I believe that a teacher’s work is the most complex and challenging work there is. Through conversation with colleagues, students, and families, we can grow and transform education. Coaching is one of the most impactful ways of engaging in conversation focused on a teacher’s goals. Coaching must be cognitive, transformative, and adaptive. As a coach, I can support equity, efficacy, and engagement, all with the goal of supporting students. 

My beliefs about learning:

  • In order to learn, one needs to feel engagement and see relevance. 
  • Every learner is unique. It is our uniqueness and diversity that enriches our work together.
  • Greatness is in each of us. Every individual has strengths, passions, and goals to strive towards. We grow when we work towards our goals, starting right where we are and moving forward.
  • It is crucial to understand the complexities of adult learners to meet their needs.

My beliefs about equity and social justice:

  • We are all learners.
  • Every change within a system impacts other parts of the system. This is true with the outcomes of coaching. The ripples are felt throughout the school.
  • I advocate for culturally-sustaining, equitable practices that I believe will support all learners. 
  • I engage in courageous/healing conversations to challenge the status quo, privilege, and inequities.

Outside of education, my passions include gardening, photography, hiking, reading, writing, and biking. I enjoy spending time with my sons, husband, and friends.

I am first and foremost a leaner and have had the privilege of learning alongside colleagues and my virtual learning community. I believe that we are better together and that we need to work together with urgency to create equitable schools.