Strategic Design & Delivery of Service

This Strategic Design standard, from Bright Morning’s Transformational Coaching Rubric, is defined as:

  • gathers a variety of data and engages client in assessing data in order to co-construct work plan
  • work plan aligns to school or district vision and larger context
  • SMARTE goals drive the work with client; coach regularly gathers data to demonstrate progress towards goals and engages client in this reflection
  • develops a theory of action for coaching each client and applies theory in conversations and actions
  • breaks down the learning into chunks and identifies high-leverage coaching strategies; a plan for gradual release of responsibility is articulated

The Deliver of Service standard, from Danielson, is defined as:

  • collaborates with Teachers to Design Rigorous, Standards-Based Classroom Instruction
  • addresses the Instructional Improvement Needs of the Teachers Served
  • engages Teachers in Learning New Instructional Strategies and Practices
  • provides Relevant and Timely Feedback to Teachers
  • provides Responsive Professional Support

Posts That Address the Strategic Design Standard (updated 11/28/20):

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