Coach as Learner

This Strategic Design standard, from Bright Morning’s Transformational Coaching Rubric, is defined as:

  • solicits feedback from clients and takes action based on feedback
  • gathers a variety of data (notes, audio recordings, video, and so on) and utilizes a variety of strategies to reflect on coaching practice, reflection leads to development of practice
  • seeks out professional learning opportunities and consultations with other coaches to develop coaching practice; also stays informed of current research on best practices
  • collaborates effectively with colleagues by supporting their professional growth
  • demonstrates awareness of his or her own emotional intelligence and works to develop emotional resiliency
  • models transformational leadership and demonstrates awareness of how he or she is perceived by others
  • attends to his or her own personal transformation

Posts That Address the Coach as Learner Standard (updated 11/28/20):

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  • Conquering the Fear and Putting It Out There
  • Beliefs and Expectations
  • Beliefs and Language
  • Equity and Access: The Universal Design for Learning Guidelines
  • Kid Equity Group
  • The Importance of Trust and Purpose
  • When a Book Comes Along at the Perfect Time
  • Co-Conspirators: Three Recommendations
  • The Power of Metaphor for Self-Reflection in Coaching