Learning Partnerships

This standard is based on Zaretta Hammond’s Ready for Rigor Framework:

  • reimagine the student and teacher relationship as a partnership
  • take responsibility to reduce students’ social-emotional stress from stereotype threat and microagressions
  • balance giving students both care and push
  • help students cultivate a positive mindset and sense of self-efficacy
  • support each student to take greater ownership for his learning
  • give students language to talk about their learning moves

Posts That Address the Learning Partnerships Standard (updated 11/28/20):

  • Turning Toward Something Better
  • Kid Equity Group
  • Shifting Language, Shifting Beliefs
  • The Importance of Trust and Purpose
  • What Are Strategies to Support Behavior?
  • When a Book Comes Along at a Perfect Time
  • Co-conspirators: Three Recommendations