Information Processing

This standard is based on Zaretta Hammond’s Ready for Rigor Framework:

  • provide appropriate challenge in order to stimulate brain growth to increase intellective capacity
  • help students process new content using methods from oral traditions
  • connect new content to culturally relevant examples and metaphors from students’ community and everyday lives
  • provide students authentic opportunities to process content
  • teach students cognitive routines using the brain’s natural learning systems
  • use formative assessments and feedback to increase intellective capacity

Posts That Address the Information Processing Standard (updated 11/28/20):

  • Culturally Responsive Practice and Adult Learners
  • Cognitive Routines
  • Equity and Access: The Universal Design for Learning Guidelines
  • Kid Equity Group
  • Shifting Language, Shifting Beliefs
  • Turning Toward Something Better
  • Learning to Be a Better Learner