Student Agency, Feedback, and Voice

Last year, I wrote about Pedagogy of Voice, as described in Street Data: A Next-Generation Model for Equity, Pedagogy, and School Transformation. This weekend I am rereading the Pedagogy of Voice chapter: Redefine “Success” and striving to go deeper into the content. In this post, I want to share some of the passages that are standing out the most, and why.

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Organization Storientation

“The human brain is hardwired
to understand the world through stories.”
-Shane Safir


In The Listening Leader: Creating the Conditions for Equitable School Transformation, Shane Safir discusses five core tenets of listening leadership. The first is that “Organizations have core memories.” Stories bring us together in community, help us see each other’s humanity, and celebrate oral language. Today I want to summarize some of what I took away from the book, with respect to collective stories.

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