Empower Students by Cultivating Agency

My fourth article was published last week!

Empowering Students by Cultivating Agency

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Coaching Partnership Tools: Part I

As I engage in mid-year reflection on my goals as an instructional coach, I would like to share some of the tools I use to plan and engage in coaching meetings. I call these coaching meetings “partnership meetings” because both my colleague and I are learning together. It is my job, as a coach, to reflect on, and plan for the conversations. Intentional planning focuses on ensuring that conversations focus on my colleague’s goals and priorities, while centering students, especially our formerly marginalized students. In this post, and an upcoming part two, I want to summarize some useful coaching tools. Continue reading “Coaching Partnership Tools: Part I”

A Framework for Developing Agency

Last week a group of colleagues and I were asked to write our definition of transformational coaching. Some words and phrases that came up include: genius, joy, impact, empower, authenticity and relevance, learners feeling seen and heard, reflection, belief that students can be successful, and ways of being. Later in the week, when a Leadership Team at my school further explored the Agency Framework discussed in Street Data, I was primed to see the tool in a new way.

“If we believe that every student is… a complex, layered human with endless potential, brilliance, and access to community cultural wealth-we can choose a pedagogy of voice that transforms everything from our classrooms to our adult cultures to our policies.” – Safir and Dugan in Street Data


In this post I want to summarize what Safir and Dugan say about the Agency Framework and share some ways in which it can be enacted in an elementary school.

Continue reading “A Framework for Developing Agency”