The Equity Transformation Cycle: Listening to Students to Empower Them and Improve Teaching Practices

Understanding the student experience is key to designing culturally relevant instruction. Our students know best what works for them. By seeking student feedback, we empower them and build stronger relationships. In this post, I want to describe how the Equity Transformation Cycle described in Street Data has helped me think more deeply about my students. It has helped me feel more creativity and curiosity about teaching. 

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GLEAM: Grade-level, Engaging, Affirming and Meaningful

Recently I have been learning about GLEAM™ and the GLEAM™ Hypothesis, developed by the experts at UnboundEd. In this post, I will summarize my understanding of what GLEAM™ means and share the hypothesis. My hope is that we can use GLEAM™ as we intentionally plan for rigorous learning, in the fall and in years to come… as a way to provide culturally relevant teaching, as a way to provide the best instruction for our historically marginalized students.

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Learner Agency

I have written quite a big about Learner Agency and enjoyed adding to my knowledge when I read the following article:

Teaching Strategies That Cultivate Learner Agency, by Paul Emerich France.

In this post I want to share key points from the article and ideas that some of my colleagues have synthesized from the article.

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Unearthing Joy

Unearthing Joy: A Guide to Culturally and Historically Responsive Teaching and Learning, by Dr. Gholdy Muhammad is a book I have excitedly been waiting for! Now that it has arrived, I am savoring every chapter, both the content and the beauty. The playlist that accompanies every chapter and the images to color with each chapter are inviting and inspiring. The language is like poetry and I can hear Dr. Muhammad’s voice as I read her words. In this post, I want to summarize some of my first impressions.

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